AgilePHP is a very lightweight, "enterprise" PHP Rapid Application Development framework, which encourages the use of industry standards and best practices while developing PHP web applications. AgilePHP brings some very cool and useful features, such as annotations (non-phpdoc), interceptors, client side remoting, scope management, web services, caching, integration strategies and much more. AgilePHP includes Object Oriented Programming and Aspect Oriented Programming components to provide you with maximum flexibility, rapid development, enterprise programming concepts and agile development integration.

AgilePHP performs XSLT transformations of models on the fly which include sortable headers, pagination and search ability, enables easy AJAX via JavaScript Remoting as well as XHTML/XML/JSON/YAML rendering, generates forms on the fly, and offers easy templating using industry standard techniques like PHTML and XSL. AgilePHP also protects your applications against SQL Injection, Cross Site Scripting (XSS) and Cross Site Forgery Request (CSFR) attacks using proven stratagies that are built into the core framework.

AgilePHP also ships with a design studio which provides a drag and drop user friendly AJAX experience for creating and managing AgilePHP projects. AgilePHP Studio puts the RAD into AgilePHP by automating tedious and repitious tasks, integrating with unit testing, build and documentation tools, and performing code and agile artifact generation.



  • Dependency Injection (DI)
  • Model-View-Control (MVC)
  • Object Relational Mapper (ORM)
  • Identity Management
  • Scope Management
    • Request
    • Session
    • Application
  • Annotations
  • Interceptors (light-weight AOP)
  • Caching
  • Easy REST and SOAP Web Services
  • Client Side Remoting
  • Dynamic form builder
  • Cryptography
  • i18n Internationalization
  • Logging
  • Validation
  • Upload
  • Atlassian Integration
  • PHPUnit Integration
  • Phing Integration
  • OpenAppstore Integration



Get to know the framework by browsing the online apidoc.



Visit the WIKI for installation, configuration, tutorials, and examples.


Bug Tracking

Help make AgilePHP better! Report any bugs you may encounter using JIRA.



Use the SourceForge website to download the latest version.

svn co agilephp (recommended)



Unit Tests

Code Coverage




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